1/12/18 MRPS HALL Manteca, CA 

(Andre Nickatina)

1/26/18 The Cactus Woodbridge,CA (AFROMAN)

2/11/18 The Blue Lamp Sacramento,CA (Joseph Kay)

3/24/18 STR8 Shooters Vacavile, CA

(March Madness)

6/8/18 The Empress Theater Vallejo, ca

(Fallen Stars, Heaven's Angels)

7/13/18 The Phoenix Theater  Petaluma, CA (Sellassie's The Rap Contest)

8/11/18 Ty's Place Kelseyville, CA

(Slapalooza at the Lake)

8/17/18 Quincy's Pub  Rohnert Park, CA (Joseph Kay | MB Nel)

9/21/18 Quincy's Pub Rohnert Park, CA

(Black C | RBL Posse)


Money Motivation

Digital Thizz




The Next Chapter




 I am the one and only Shody Boe. I was born on November 3, 1980 at Kaiser Hospital in Richmond California to the proud parents Edith Body (mother) and Thomas Alvin Body Jr (father). My parents worked very hard to give Brianna (22) & Mayah (16) (sisters) and myself a better life. Sad to say, we lost my father on October 1, 2016. I can remember at the age of 10, My late auntie Melody introduced me to Too Short (Life is Too Short). Later, I heard Run DMC -You be Illin’; from there I started to appreciate Hip-Hop/Rap music. With my grandmother’s support, I started singing tenor in the choir at my mother’s church (Richmond) in 1993. This helped my love for music grow.

          One hot summer night in my neighborhood of West Vallejo some artists, Young Flav aka Mr. Ropa, were shooting a rap video.  This inspired me even more. I hit a breaking point in 1993, I started developing my own sound as an artist. Due to school and a lack of money for studio time, I was not able to take it too seriously. Now being an artist, I needed a stage name. A Respectable gentleman, AJ Esvers, would say “Shoddy Boe hey wzup.” This nickname stuck and I decided to keep it as my stage name.

           At the age of 17, I wrote my first rap calledDOWNTOWN. It was a good 10 bars or more to Da Brat’s instrumental (Sittin’ on Top of the World) from her 2nd album,Anuthatantrum. I started practicing and taking rap more serious. At 22, I started taking a sound recording course and theatre arts course at Solano Community College. I started freestyleing in between classes. This presented an opportunity for me meet Tarramazz Harris, R-Brilliance, Lee Da Snatcha and Thug Misses. We formed a group called named Performing Artist. In addition, I started a group of my own on the side simultaneously calledEvolution with Ceddie Mo, his brother Frenny Kenny, bongo drummer Armando, Nino aka Moses Rip and Gabe aka Lil G..."off tha heezy". We made an acapella song to a Roots beat, I forget the song, but we remade it called 5 am. This was the beginning of my music career.

            In 2003 at age 23, T-Mazz and I wrote and recorded two songs, Good Times andInfluence. I also collaborated with Double I aka Marquizzle on his ep called Christian Rapper and full length cd That’s ill, all produced by John “One Thang” Rufus, released on Cd Baby. In 2004 at age 24, I ventured out on my own. I started recording my own ep called Originalityproduced by T-Mazz and John “One Thang” Rufus at Flawless Studios. We completed recording almost 2 years later.

            2006 I started buying beats for to create my first full length cd titled Life of a Roadrunner, with producer A-1 from Make it Happen Entertainment (Vallejo, Ca). In august 2007, I released Life of a Roadrunner on I also sold it on the street by hand, myself. It featured two songs Crack ya Neck and Give it all I Got. So far, this is one of my favorite albums to date. Sometime in 2008, I began working on my second album called Back to the Basics produced by a good friend of mine, Cornelius Price aka Snype from Shiesty Rydas Productions.

          2009 Back to tha Basics was released. At the time of the album release, I was interviewed by the Mayor of Fresno, Ca. Accompanied by producer Damon Jamal, they interviewed me about the album in Oakland, Ca. The interview was recorded live and posted on Youtube, where it still can be viewed today. In 2010 I meet recording artists Yung Cuttfrom San Francisco, Ca, Fillmore District and Yung Gouda from East Oakland, Ca, Brookfield area. We formed a crew calledStreet Gang, and recorded the cd calledStreet Madness. The album was produced by A-1, at Make It Happen Studios. The cd was never released, Street Gang broke up, I am a solo artist again. I decide to take a break from music in 2011. 2012 I meet producer J Dizzle from Salinas, Ca and Dj Flashback from Santa Rosa, Ca. The three of us produced two songs Yeeeand Don’t Forget about Me. Dj Flashback had his own show Underground Slaps on 89.5 FM OZCAT radio in Vallejo, Ca. He played my songs on his show regularly in his rotation. I felt my career was about to take off.

           In 2013 and through 2014 I worked with producer Indecent tha Slapmaster he composed the beats and produced the songs Can’t Stop my Shine ft. T-Benz & 3D, Accepted ft. Eye-80, Contemplating, It’s My Track, Propane ft. Casket Taste & Remix,Lyrically 2 ft Publican & Casket Taste andSmoove ft. G-Loc. He also recorded, mixed and mastered the song Let’s Make Historyft. William Munny & Eye-80. William Munny released the song on his compilation cd titled Put on for My City, track number 14. While recording Can’t Stop My Shine at the Slapcave Studios in west Vallejo, Ca, I meet T-Benz. We collaborated on my song Clown’in, the beat was composed by J-Dizzle recorded at Brad Studios in West Vallejo, Ca. T-Benz also appeared on my songs Next Champion and Don’t Forget About Me remix ft. Willie Joe.

         2014 I start performing in shows R&B Beast of the Bay10/2014 Chris Club Vallejo, Ca, Winter Inferno 12/2014 Toot’s Tavern Crockett, Ca, The Lady J Music Showcase 3/2015 Chris club Vallejo, Ca. 2015 I finish productions with J Dizzle andSlapmaster, when I signed a management deal with ATG Records and Money Motivated Ent. At this time, I also meet G-Loc from Lots of Cash Records (Napa, Ca.). I was apealled to G-Loc entrepunuership, his label had their own clothing line, Cash Only Clothing. G-Loc wanted sign me, however Vettie Philpps from ATG Records would not release me from my contract. G-Loc and I decided to tour and perform our two songs Smoove produced bySlapmaster and What Tha Deal produced bySerg (Napa, Ca).

           2016 I stop touring with G-Loc and return home to Vallejo, Ca. At this time, G-Loc and I decided to fulfill our contractual obligations, G-Loc at Lots of Cash Records and I at ATG Records. I accomplished this by recording and releasing the song Witta Zoom, mix and mastered by Slapmaster at the Slapcave. In addition to completing the ep Clown’in produced by J-Dizzle, and released by J-Dizzle on  In 

           December of 2016, I reached out to AOIR RECORDS and they greeted me with a favorable contract, a supportive team and client committed attitude. I believe we can accomplish a lot musically in 2017. I look forward to being just an artist again, rebranded as Shody aka Shody Tha Artist, look for my new album Digital Thizz distributed by AOIR RECORDS in 2017

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